Wild Sexy Free

from numb to yum 

1:1 Coaching packages


Package Details:

This package is for women who are currently having trouble connecting to their emotions and sensations in their bodies, but have a deep desire to feel pleasure when they’re self-pleasuring or making love with their partner.

They know there is more to their bodies, but not sure how to access it. This package is the stepping-stone into the world of orgasmic embodiment training.


package includes:

  • 12 sessions over a course of 3 Months

  • 1.5 hour session a week

  • 2 Check-ins a week via email

  • Weekly HW assignments

  • Book recommendations

  • Journal Prompts

  • Movement, Breathing, Sounding practices

  • Intention is to: Discover new sensations in your body. Find what is blocking you from living from a place of pleasure 

Your Total Investment: $2,400

Comes out to be $200 per session