Wild Sexy Free


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I believe it is every woman’s Goddess
given right to feel at home in her body.
— Casey Justine Aksoy

Wild Sexy Free was born out of my desire to create a space for women to freely express their sexuality and sensuality in the container of the Sacred and Divine Feminine.

It is my intention to teach you to walk powerfully through this world, allowing your intuition to guide you . I want every woman to celebrate her sexuality, revel in her sensuality, as she navigates both through her pleasure. I want you to push your edges. Constantly growing and expanding into your never ending well of potential. You are a well spring of creativity, constantly growing and finding new ways to express yourself. You are unapologetic. You are a living, breathing expression of the Divine. I want you to take yourself higher, and up level the shit out of your life! I want you to find your gifts, your passion, your talent and your creativity. I want you to be in awe and in reverence of your body and your life. 


what is sacred sexuality?

Body, Soul, and Mind connection:

  • Powerfully returning to your body

  • Restoring your power

  • Creating new beliefs that support your transformation and growth.

  • Body confidence

  • Creating a sense of love, safety and belonging in the body.

  • Re-dsicovering and understanding your emotions, feelings, and sensations.

  • Intention and attention

  • Tuning-in and Turning on the body



  • Past trauma that may still be running your life

  • Past grief that prevents you from fully healing.


stepping powefully into:

  • Self-love

  • Self- preservation

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Heart opening.


Accepting yourself as a sexual being:

  • Exploring your capacity for pleasure

  • Understanding how tantric practices and rituals can support your sexual growth.

  • Connecting to your Orgasm, and understanding what that means for you and your pleasure.



about Your Guide

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hi, I'm Casey Justine Aksoy!

I am dedicated to the healing and reclaiming of women’s bodies, sexual identity, and joy. I will teach you how to turn your body on so you can create a vibrant, orgasmic, and sexually satisfied life.

I believe that living fully connected to your body is the only way to experience life with full self-expression. I also believe that your relationship with your body and your Self is one of the most important relationships you will ever have. 

Not too long ago I too was completely cut off from my sense of self. I hated my body, was disconnected from my sexuality, and generally felt dead inside. It wasn't until I committed to a rigorous Self-love practice, was I able to brig myself back to life. 

This  massive transformation completely changed the way I related to myself, and there for how I related to my husband, my family and friends. Transformation is possible, and it begins with a big YES! Yes to yourself, and yes to your life!

Check out my 1:1 coaching packages, and see what’s in store for you!