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Wild. Sexy. Free.
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The Embodiment Series

2018: the year of total body liberation.

A free monthly workbook series. 


Make 2018 the year of you!


As I sat down to write my intentions for 2018, I realized I wanted this year to be less about how I felt emotionally, but what actions I was taking to actually feel those emotions in every part of my body. I wanted it to become a way of life, not just a word I write on a post-it and place on my bathroom mirror to make me feel good every once in awhile. No, I wanted to put in the work that was necessary to truly embody how I wanted to feel in every part of my life.

I don't want to feel healthy, I want to embody my well being. I don't want to feel pleasure, I want to be the embodiment of pleasure. I want it to become a part of me so that I don't have to think about being it, I just am. 

That got me thinking, how many other women out there wish to feel abundant, happy, orgasmic, in flow, at ease... you get the point and what can I create to support these women on their journey, and if dawned on me to create this year long series with themes to support each month. 

What would your life looks like if you didn't simple feel sensual but embodied if fully? Would you be more concours about what you ate or how you eat it? Would you take your time relishing in every bight, would you choose the item off the menu that would allow you to fully experience your sensuality? Would you take it a step further and think about what you're going to wear while you're eating, how you like your hair and make up to look, this my love is Embodiment. 

I know what you're thinking, why does this matter? Because wouldn't you rather live a life filled with presence?



a year of embodiment



Month 01   - transformation

Month 02   -  Inner stillness

Month 03   -  The Divine feminine 

Month 04   -  Your Inner Goddess

Month 05   -  your inner wild woman

Month 06   -  your inner sex Queen

Month 07   -  your free spirit 

Month 08   -  your sensuality 

Month 09   -  your orgasm

Month 10   -  the sacred 

month 11   -  pleasure

month 12   -  Love 

the offering


let's get liberated!

The awesome thing about this series is the workbook is free and you can always go at your own pace, no need to rush through it, you've got all the time you need.

You opt in my signing up with your email address. It's also always available on this website at the first of the month. 

Each workbook will be available at the beginning of the month. You'll receive an email with a link to the downloadable PDF. 

I know taking on a new way of being can be very daunting and scary. You can feel like you're all alone, but I promise you're not!

But, just in case you need a little extra support, I have two amazing packages that will do just that for you for a small monthly fee you can cancel anytime. It's totally commitment free!


Solo Journey

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Hi, i'm Justine Aksoy

Justine Aksoy is an Orgasmic Embodiment Coach dedicated to the healing and reclamation of womenโ€™s bodies, sexual identity, and joy. She works with women on building their self-esteem, confidence, and intuition through deep body connection. 

She helps her clients to liberate their bodies from the bondage of numbness and disconnection, by teaching them how to tune-in and turn-on their bodies, so they may feel pleasure, passion and desire like never before. 

Her desire is for her clients to live from a place of sensuality, sexuality and inner glow, allowing them to experience the power of their full self-expression each and every day.

Interested in learning more? Head over to my website! I would love to tell you about my coaching packages!