Wild Sexy Free

Are you ready...

    to tune into your body?

    turn on your life?

    Fall madly in love with yourself?


you've come to the right place!

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a vibrant life awaits you!


You found me! If you’re here, it means you have some work to do. No one taught us how to love or take care of ourselves from the inside out. We’ve been taught that our careers, relationships, material things were supposed to fulfill us, yet even when we reach the peak of success, we still come out feeling disappointed, disconnected and empty. 


you desire

 to feel alive, vibrant and free, but it doesn’t feel accessible.  


you desire

to feel in tune with your body,  but it feels nearly impossible. 


You desire

to source self love, but you’re not sure where to start.


Rewrite your story


In a world where we are constantly fighting to be heard, be equal, be “better”, we often forget to listen to our personal needs. Even though cultivating these aspects of ourselves is what grounds us, nurtures us, and gives us strength, too often, we leave them unattended.

When we neglect ourselves and choose to please everyone around us, we become resigned – resignation leads to dissatisfaction, which leads to dissociation, which leads to anger, depression, numbness, until we check out completely.

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way, one that will allow you to end this cycle and take back your life. Stop surviving and start thriving! It’s time for you to tap into the innate wisdom that is your body, reconnect to the genius of your sensuality, and rewrite your story. 


"I'm here to tell you there is

a better way!"

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the time is now

It's time to truly understand what keeps you from a connection with your body. It's  time to understand what stands between you and your pleasure. It's time to understand what keeps you from your sexuality. It's time to uncover what keeps you from your full self expression. It's time to discover the fire that lives within.

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Casey Justine Aksoy

is an Sexual Empowerment Coach dedicated to the healing and reclamation of women’s bodies, sexual identity, and joy. She works with women on building their self-esteem, confidence, and intuition through deep body connection. 

She helps her clients to liberate their bodies from the bondage of numbness and disconnection, by teaching them how to tune-in and turn-on their bodies, so they may feel pleasure, passion and desire like never before. 

Her desire is for her clients to live from a place of sensuality, sexuality and inner glow, allowing them to experience the power of their full self-expression each and every day.

Interested in learning more? Head over to my website! I would love to tell you about my coaching packages!